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Cake Off: The Beginning

Wedding Cake

Cake #1: Spice Cake with Caramelized Pear Filling and Cream Cheese Icing

I’m a foodie, and last I checked you couldn’t consume a wedding gown, or invitations, or even most of the flowers.  Which is why the prospect of “cake tastings” sent my heart aflutter.  (As you know, I am in the process of working with my pickiest client – myself – on my own upcoming wedding).

My good friend and Philadelphia cake-baker-extraordinaire Amanda Gambier of Gambier Events and I struck a pretty “sweet” deal – for each of my family’s 2010-2011 birthdays, she would prepare a different cake and the whole family would take it for a test drive.  First up: mom and Granddad celebrate their back-to-back 59th and 90th birthdays (respectively).

For this fall affair, Amanda baked a spice cake, layered it with carmelized pear filling, and topped the whole kit and caboodle with cream cheese icing.  The pearlized fondant rounded out the look with shiny, happy autumn leaves and a squirrely little acorn.  Since spice cake was my first instinct to begin with, I’m glad the tester cake was so delicious and I look forward to being led down Amanda’s sugary path to October 2011.

For those planning a wedding, I think this is an inspired idea and definitely recommend trying the “Cake of the Month Club” if you can.  It’s been great to get feedback from multiple people gathered around the dinner table.  That way you know you’re selecting a flavor that will wow ALL your guests!

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